Intercultural Competence  
· Bachelorarbeiten
Module description: RUW-6560 (Bachelor IBS-Students) /
RUW 6398 (Key Qualification)
Content: The aim of this course is to impart the fundamental basics of intercultural management. The course is mainly based on interaction and includes simulations and role plays on the part of the student teams.

Attendance: 60 h
Self-study: 90 h


Language: English
Literature: Fowler, S.M./Blohm, J.M.: An Analysis of Methods for Intercultural Training. In: Landis, D./Bennett, J.M./Bennett, M.J. (eds.): Handbook of Intercultural Training, 3rd ed., Thousand Oaks 2004, pp. 37-84.

Lewis, R.D.: When Cultures Collide: Leading Across Cultures. London 2006, chapter 2 & 5.

Martin, J.N./Nakayama, T.K.: Intercultural Communication in Contexts. New York, 2012, chapter 6.

Schneider, S.C./Barsoux, J.-L.: Managing Across Cultures. 2nd ed., Harlow et al. 2003, pp. 3-117.

Course frequency:
Winter term (WS): Only for Bachelor IBS students

Summer term (SS): Open to all as a Key qualification Module (Schlüssel- Qualifikation) register via Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftspädagogik und Personalentwicklung. And, IBS students register through StudOn.

Dates: SS 2017:
04th May 2017, 13:15 - 15:00, room 0.424
18th May 2017, 13:15 - 16:15, room 0.424
01st June 2017, 13:00 - 16:00, room 0.424
20th June 2017, 16:45 - 19:45, room 0.224 + 0.225
Registration via StudOn for IBS-students.

Registration via MeinCampus (please compare with Examination number).
Exam colloquium:
20th June 2017, 16:45 - 19:45, room 0.224 + 0.225
Exam review:

Exam review for WS-16/17 - To be announced.

Assessment: Written exam, 60 min (60% open-ended questions; 40% multiple choice questions)
Examination number: Bachelor:
65601 Intercultural Competence for IBS-students (5 ECTS)
63981 Key Qualification


Exam date: 06th July, 2017, 13:15 - 14:15, room 0.424
Professor: Prof. Dr. Dirk Holtbrügge
Responsible Assistant: Dr. Ritam Garg

Download: All teaching materials will be available via StudOn

Last update: 01st March, 2017

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