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Research Projects in International Management I
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Module description: MIBS-6480
Content: Reverse Knowledge Transfers of Inpatriates in Multinational Companies – A Cognitive Dissonance Perspective

The aim of the research project is to explore knowledge transfer attempts of inpatriates in multinational companies from a cognitive dissonance perspective. Students will help conduct a cross-cultural empirical study by conducting interviews with inpatriates in the Nürnberg Metropolitan Region. Their task will be to identify assignees who were sent from a foreign subsidiary to the headquarters and to conduct 10 interviews (interview guideline is available). Based on these interviews the students will write a 10-pages seminar thesis.

Students acquire knowledge and competencies in the field of empirical research. The project will enable them to identify and critically reflect problems in the area of international management research as well as apply advanced methods of empirical research to solve these problems.

All interested students should contact Dr. Tassilo Schuster ( to gain more information and schedule an appointment.
Language: English

Moeller, M., and Reiche, S. (2017): Inpatriates - A review, synthesis and outlook of two decades of research. In Research Handbook of Expatriates, ed. Yvonne McNulty and Jan Selmer. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Moeller, M., Maley J., Harvey M., and Kiessling, T. (2016): Global talent management and inpatriate social capital building: a status inconsistency perspective. International Journal of Human Resource Management 27(9), pp. 991-1012.

Stone, J. and Cooper, J. (2001): A self-standards model of cognitive dissonance. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 37(3), pp.228-243.

summer term (SS) / winter term(WS)

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Assessment: Submission of a seminar paper
Examination number: Master:
64801 Research Projects in International Management I
Professor: Prof. Dr. Dirk Holtbrügge
Responsible assistant: Dr. Tassilo Schuster


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